TorahWise is not about me, but applications of Torah to everyone’s lives.

The heading photo is of blue flowers that we call forget-me-nots.

They remind me of the Tzit-tzit the sons of Israel are commanded to wear on the four corners of their garments. The word tzitz (tassels, hem of a garment, fringe,) also means flower or bud. Tzitzit are supposed to have a blue thread.  So I call our tzitzit Forget-me-(k)nots!

Wise is an old way of saying ways. Torah ways are ways of wisdom.  Wisdom is available to all.  Wisdom is a choice. We are urged to choose ways of wisdom (ways of love).  Reading and living according to Torah will make us wise.  And in disobedience there is only sorrow.  Still it is all a choice.  So, choose life, for yourself and for all those who touch your life.


2 Responses to About

  1. Sylvia Halpert says:

    Oh Father, help us let go of the striving, and simply obey You for the peace it brings.

  2. jeff says:

    חכמה wisdom – hakke mah – “wait” for “what” will come ….

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